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10 CSS Tips Every Web Developer Should Know

I’ve written a fair few articles over the past year and thought it might be useful for any new subscribers and visitors to see a summary of the most useful ones. Below is a list of hints and tips which will be useful to anyone starting out in CSS and even the most seasoned professional in the industry may find a couple of things useful.

1. CSS Reset

A consistent starting point across all browsers is a great place to begin when working with HTML and CSS.

2. IE6 CSS Bugs and Fixes Explained

Internet Explorer 6 can be a pain for even experienced web developers but within this article, I explain the main bugs and how to solve these annoying little issues.

3. Block and Inline Elements Explained

It’s important when learning CSS that you understand how block and inline elements work. This guide takes you through the fundamental differences and explains how each can be manipulated with CSS.

4. 100% Height using CSS

This one is a problem that’s encountered quite frequently but once explained is quite a simple technique to achieve 100% height.

5. CSS Equal Height Columns

Creating equal height columns using CSS is tricky but using a background image trick known as faux coumns, it’s easily achievable.

6. CSS Fixed Footer

Another frequent problem is getting a footer to stick to the bottom of the browser window which isn’t dependant on content. This article explains how it’s done.

7. CSS Rounded Corners

Creating rounded corners is usually a tricky process creating lots of small rounded images to simulate a rounded corner. However, this article explains how it can be done by using just one small image.

8. CSS Image Replacement

A number of ways to replace some text with an image using CSS.

9. Float and Clear: A Comparison of CSS Clearing Techniques

Understanding how float’s and clearing float’s works is important in any modern web designers toolkit. This artice explains the fundamental basics of this layout technique.

10. Creating FAQs using a definition list

Definition lists are often overlooked by web designers but can sometimes be more useful than a simple unordered list.

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