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IE6 – CSS Bugs and Fixes Explained

I hear about designers and developers pulling their hair out all the time saying that Internet Explorer 6 doesn’t do what they expect or that it’s adding hours to development time but is it really the huge problem that everyone makes it out to be or does it just need a little more understanding?

In this article, I’ll hopefully cover the main problems that developers experience with Internet Explorer 6 and explain the solutions for these bugs.

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Min and Max Width 3 Column Fluid CSS Layout

Fluid layouts are often shunned by designers due to the perceived lack of control of the design. If the browser window is too small then content can look squashed whilst a large browser window can lead to readability issues due to long lines of content. However, CSS provides us with possibilities to control our design whilst also giving a little flexibility for a fluid layout.

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2 Column Fluid CSS Layout

Fluid layouts are often avoided by designers and developers because they’re deemed as being much more complex than fixed width layouts. However, hopefully this tutorial will encourage a few more designers to try their hand at fluid layouts and demonstrate that these kinds of layouts can be achieved easily by using CSS.

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CSS3 Presentation

Jina Bolton’s slides from the Future of Web Design 2007 presentation are now available online to download and are definitely worth a look if you’re interested in CSS3

Probably the most interesting areas that she covers are the sections on advanced layouts and grid positioning but have a look at the presentation on her website, Creating Sexy Stylesheets as there’s some really useful examples as to how these modules will hopefully be used in the future.