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HTML5 Logo Tag

I’ve been receiving a number of visitors to this site from people searching for information about an HTML5 logo tag. In short, <logo> doesn’t currently exist but there are a couple of options to markup your logo correctly.

Use the header element

Your logo should always sit within the header element of the page and will usually be consistent throughout the site so this should be your starting point.

put your logo here

You can include other elements within your header such as social media links, search functionality and site navigation if you wish.

Use an h1 tag and image replacement

I’ve written about CSS image replacement in a previous article so if you’d like to use this method feel free to use the technique in this article: CSS Image Replacement.

<h1>My company name</h1>

or just use an image

It’s been a long running discussion within the industry as to whether people prefer to use an h1 tag or just an image tag for the site logo. Personally I prefer to just use an image but that whole argument has been covered many times before.

<img src="/images/logo.png" alt="My company name" />


Personally, I don’t make it any more complicated than simply putting an image in the first header element of my websites, but either of the two options above are perfectly legitimate ways of including your logo within your page.