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IE9 Preview

Microsoft have made their first preview for Internet Explorer 9 available for testing. At this stage I’m pretty impressed with the progress they’re making but what can you expect from the new browser?

If you’re a developer then you can download the IE9 test drive package below:

At the moment this is a very early version of IE9 and as such does not include the interface but it does include the new rendering engine which includes improved HTML5 and CSS3 support plus a new Microsoft JavaScript engine.

According to reports, Microsoft will be releasing other preview builds every eight weeks but as yet no time frame has been announced for the final release of IE9 which is frustrating.

It’s great news that IE9 will finally support CSS3 but I am a little concerned that they appear to be simply adopting border-radius without any prefix as if it’s their decision to decide the CSS3 specification. Mozilla and Webkit both have prefixes until the standards have been defined so why should IE9 be any different?

I think this sets a dangerous precedent where other browsers may have to follow what IE9 has done purely because they have the market share and less knowledgable web designers have implemented CSS3 specifically for IE9 without testing on other browsers.

It’s good to see that Microsoft are continuing to improve the browser but is still frustrating that it takes so long for them to implement new features and release a browser that they seem to be playing catch up with the Safari and Firefox browsers continuously.

4 comments on “IE9 Preview

  1. Cyril Gupta

    I tested Ie9. Without the interface I really can’t use it for anything serious. My complete testing lasted for about 10 minutes. At least an address bar should have been provided.

    I am going to wait for an updated version before forming an opinion.

  2. Dave Woods Post author

    Hi Cyril, this is purely a development version to show off the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript engine and is in no way a fully functional browser that you should be using every day. You can go to other addresses via the “Page > Open…” navigation so it is usable but obviously not yet in a finished state and I wouldn’t recommend using it for everyday browsing, not least because of any security bugs.

  3. Future Technology

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is a success, no doubt. Its user feedback has been far better then the previous IE8. And now borderless IE10 coming out with Microsoft Windows 8 let see how a wall to wall browsing experience looks.