Dave Woods - Freelance Web Design Warwickshire

Content Management System

I design and build user friendly websites, however I also provide content management systems that sit behind the website which enable you to update the website content yourself without ever having to write or change a single line of code.


WordPress is the main content management system that I use to deliver websites. The software is open source which means it’s free for you to use and the only development costs you’re paying for is the time involved to integrate the software with your front-end design. The following are just a few examples of website I’ve built using WordPress: Training43.com, 1868 Racing and Matchstick Design.


Perch is a very simple CMS which I use for smaller projects as it enables a powerful CMS to be integrated very quickly and easily into a static website. There is a small cost for a license to use Perch but the development time is much quicker for smaller sites than using WordPress so overall can be a cheaper option. Here’s a couple of examples of sites I’ve built using Perch:
The Learning Tree Nursery and Newbrick Consultants.