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Best practices for email unsubscribe

I go through cycles with my email so every six months or so, I decide to go through all the newsletters I regularly receive and unsubscribe from the ones that I no longer find of interest but this uncovered some difficulties, poor usability and major problems so thought I’d share my experiences.

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CSS3 Box sizing

The box model is pretty straight forward in most scenarios so we know that when creating CSS for an element that width + border + margin + padding = the rendered width. However, when dealing with percentage widths things become a bit trickier but there is a solution.

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CSS Font Stacks

Web designers are often constrained by the so called “Web Safe Fonts” when creating web pages and whilst 95% of machines worldwide now have these fonts, they were first packaged with Windows XP back in 2001. As 2011 is quickly approaching are we still limited to these 10 web safe fonts or should we adapt and use fonts within CSS that aren’t in this list of fonts?

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HTML5 – CSS Reset

Over the coming weeks, I’m going to be writing a lot more articles on HTML5 which will go into detail and show how you can start using HTML5 elements today with progressive enhancement. To start this off though, you’ll need to use a new version of the CSS reset in order to view these new HTML5 elements correctly, even in the more modern standards compliant browsers.

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