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CSS negative margins

Negative margins can be really useful when used correctly but can are often avoided because they’re seen as a hack or work around to other CSS problems. However Smashing Magazine have put together a useful article which explains how they can be used to good effect.

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Creating Rounded Corner CSS Boxes Using One Image

I wrote an article some time ago which explained how to create rounded corners using just a single image and CSS. It’s a great solution but imagine if you have multiple boxes and you’d like to use different colours for each box?

Within this tutorial, I’ll explain how you can create multiple rounded boxes using different colours but still using just a single image.

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CSS Fixed Layouts Starter Kit

I’m sure by now, everyone has heard about the benefits of separating content (HTML) from the presentational aspect (CSS) of their code and I’ve recently started to put a library of templates together which can be used as a starting point for a variety of CSS designs.

Within this first release, I’ll be using just a single HTML file and depending on which CSS layout file is included, the appearance can be altered easily to give you a basic starting point for a multitude of designs.

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