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Dave-Woods.co.uk Redesign

It’s been long overdue but the redesign of my personal website was finally live this evening. I’ve been so busy with client work that my own work had to take a bit of a back seat but my portfolio was extremely out of date and as the site was using an existing WordPress theme it lacked that personal touch that I like to give all my work so over the Christmas period I made an extra effort to bring it up to date.


I was always a fan of Dangermouse as a kid so to add a bit of fun to the logo, I decided to base the lettering on his logo. I wanted to make sure that the branding of the logo was still recognisable to my existing clients though so the font for the actual text is consistent with the logo that I’ve been using on letterheads and invoices so that it would be easy to establish that the site is still run by the same person.

Branding and Design

The design is based on an existing wordpress theme but I’ve taken apart the CSS and completely restyled the site so that it’s unique. I’ve also continued to use the green style which existed on my old site to try and retain some of the brand so that it hopefully still feels familiar to my regular visitors.


The content itself was the main area that I really wanted to focus on as a lot of emphasis was previously put on the blog and articles which I got a lot of great feedback from but I wanted to give a lot more exposure to the work I do and the services that I provide.

The blog will still be the area that I update most frequently and I already have a list of articles and guides that I’ll be adding over the coming months, so that area of the site will continue to grow and hopefully continue to be a success and useful resource to other web designers and developers in the community.


The aim of the redesign was mainly to ensure that the site looked professional to any potential clients but it was also important to me that I didn’t lose any existing people that enjoy reading the articles on a regular basis. Of course, over the coming weeks I’ll be keeping an eye on the site’s analytics to see how people are using the new site compared to the old one and I’ll be looking forward to any feedback.

10 comments on “Dave-Woods.co.uk Redesign

  1. Johny Favourite

    Good work dave – saw this on fb but didn’t have a proper chance to have a look till now.

    I keep meaning to update my sites. I have HTML mocks everywhere and no time just to put them live.

    I do hope to launch a client site on saturday though – will message you on fb as I’d love to get your feedback on it.

  2. Dave Woods Post author

    @Jermayn – Thanks 🙂

    @Johny – Think it’s usually the case with successful designers that they’re usually too busy working with client websites to update their own. I’ve been playing with designs for the last couple of years and when I managed to free some time up over Christmas it didn’t take all that long to put it together. The content within the portfolio section took the majority of my time but think it was worth it now that the site is live.

    Feel free to drop me a message with the link to your client site when it’s available and I’ll be happy to take a look 🙂

  3. Johny Favourite

    Yeah I’ve been thinking I need to get my portfolio live for a while now. What I should really do is not have a host that suspends all my accounts as soon as one of my sites gets featured on a design gallery and the bandwidth spikes. Media Temple here I come….

  4. Dave Woods Post author

    Heard Media Temple are really good. I’m with Fasthosts at the moment and apart from the very odd occasion when sites run slow, I’ve not really had any trouble with them at all.

  5. Johny Favourite

    Must admit I’ve always steered clear of fasthosts for no reason at all. I just never used them…

    BTW – your link on the about page to pilotbean isn’t work – there’s a typo in the url!

  6. Ines Teles

    The second I saw that logo I fell in love with it. I couldn’t quite place it and then started reading… good call bringing up the happy childhood memories! Congrats on the great new design 🙂

    All it took was a few days over Christmas? Wow!

  7. Dave Woods Post author

    @Johny – Fasthosts aren’t the cheapest but I’ve been stung for reliability in the past with other companies so don’t mind paying a bit more for good service. Thanks for letting me know about that broken link, all fixed now 🙂

    @Ines – Thanks, the design had pretty much been a two year long process so that side of things was done and Christmas was really just spent on getting the content all sorted and added into wordpress so it wasn’t as big a job as you might imagine 🙂