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My work: ManUtdNews.co.uk

I’m a big football enthusiast and have been running United Online since it became a college project around 7yrs ago and whilst that site has developed well, I wanted to create something that the fans could actually get involved with more.

Using WordPress, I’ve created a new Manchester United blog called Man Utd News which enables fans of the club to log on to the site and have their own say.

Initially, there’s a group of selected people the site is being used by who have contributed to United Online over the years but anyone is free to comment on articles published.

Hopefully if all goes well, I’ll be opening registration up to more people so that more people can become involved. Maybe include some sort of ranking system for articles so that people can build up status depending on the quality of the posts.

The new site is available at http://www.manutdnews.co.uk