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Useful links of the week

I’ve finally had chance to catch up with my RSS feedreader recently and thought I’d share some of the more interesting ones with you. Below are a list of Web Design, Usability, Accessibility and Search Engine related articles from the past week  which I’m sure many of you will find useful or interesting.

Browser support for CSS3 and HTML5

All the A-Grade browsers, tested one-by-one for their HTML5 and CSS3 feature support . Needless to say it’s produced some interesting results.

Using Rounded Corners with CSS3

As CSS3 gets closer to becoming the new standard for mainstream design, the days of rounded corners through elaborate background images is fading. This means less headache and time spent working out alternatives for each browser.

Modern CSS Layouts: The Essential Characteristics

Now is an exciting time to be creating CSS layouts. After years of what felt like the same old techniques for the same old browsers, we’re finally seeing browsers implement CSS 3, HTML 5 and other technologies that give us cool new tools and tricks for our designs.

What is a browser? Google Explains…

It’s a simple question: “What is a web browser?” Unfortunately, Google’s random survey in Times Square, New York, revealed that only 8% of people knew the answer.

Custom HTML form elements

This JavaScript and CSS will allow you to use custom images for checkboxes, radio buttons and select lists.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Design and Converting it to HTML and CSS

Useful guide which demonstrates how to turn use a PSD and convert it into a nicely coded HTML and CSS website.

The Myth of Usability Testing

An interesting take on usability testing.

Lightboxes and keyboard accessibility

Many people love the lightbox effect, and it definitely can be very useful. There are some problems though.

10 Useful WordPress Coding Techniques

In this article, Smashing Magazine have compiled 10 useful WordPress code snippets, hacks and tips to help you create a WordPress theme that stands out from the crowd.

Pure CSS text gradient (no PNGs)

A pure CSS text gradient with no PNG images necessary. Of course, it only works in Safari but it is a nice example of how CSS3 could be used in the future.

Design patterns and examples for colour blindness

In Roger’s experience it can be hard to make people understand that colour blindness can actually cause real problems for real people on the web.

Optimising for Google Social Search

Google announced a new service yesterday called Social Search which shows search results from sites owned by the searchers online friends