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W3C website redesign in beta

I’m not sure whether this has been kept quiet until recently as I’ve only just heard about the redesign of the W3C website but you can now view the W3C Beta version

To be honest, I think it’s a redesign that’s long overdue. Not just because the design was very simple and didn’t really set a good example for the web design industry but also because everything was so hard to find in terms of navigating through the site.

What the W3C have done, is not only redesign the look and feel but also consider in much more depth how people will find content that they’re looking for by redesigning the site architecture. I think the problem with the existing site probably stems more from the way that it has grown over time and expanded with so much content rather than it just being designed badly in the first place but it’s good that the W3C are addressing this and making it much more easier to find content.

The design itself is still relatively basic and I’m still a little bit unsure of whether more work could have been done on that side of things to really give it a presence on the web that people would remember but it does serve its purpose as an information providing website and the thought that has gone into providing more white space around content does make it easy to read so I’m sure they’re happy by achieving those objectives.

There’s a nice little tour of the new W3C site and there’s also some more information and useful links in W3C web site redesign in beta – send in your feedback.

The big thing for the W3C to manage in my opinion will be how new content and sections are added when the time arises. I’m sure the problems with the current site have been due to new pieces of information which had no logical home in the site architecture so another link was simply added to the home page which meant it became interesting difficult to find anything. As long as the W3C have considered this (which I’m sure they have) then the new site should be a success.

One comment on “W3C website redesign in beta

  1. Hieu Pham

    I don’t know Dave, I prefer to use other website to find information about W3 as their website is a bit confusing O_O. They’re suppose to be standard however there’re so many problems: if you go to W3.org you will see: No Favicon, if you click in the links in W3C A to Z, you will see every pages have different layout and even different color schemes(???). A lot more if we spend time to find the problem.

    The new beta website look much better, however I have the feeling of Digg :D. Maybe they use the same color schemes as Digg.