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CSS negative margins

Negative margins can be really useful when used correctly but can are often avoided because they’re seen as a hack or work around to other CSS problems. However Smashing Magazine have put together a useful article which explains how they can be used to good effect.

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W3C website redesign in beta

I’m not sure whether this has been kept quiet until recently as I’ve only just heard about the redesign of the W3C website but you can now view the W3C Beta version

To be honest, I think it’s a redesign that’s long overdue. Not just because the design was very simple and didn’t really set a good example for the web design industry but also because everything was so hard to find in terms of navigating through the site.

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Getting to grips with WAI-ARIA

I’ve been fairly busy recently and whilst I’ve heard about the introduction of WAI-ARIA, I’ve not really had chance to have a look at how these new guidelines will affect the way I build web pages. So today I decided to take the opportunity to sit down and at least get a basic understanding of what it actually is and how it aims to improve accessibility.

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7 Common Mistakes When Using the HTML Heading Element

The heading element is an important part of any HTML document but is misused in a lot of websites. When used correctly it adds semantic meaning, helps with accessibility and can boost your search engine rankings however when used wrongly it can cause problems for your users and search engine rankings. This article explains how heading tags are often misused and how this can be put right.

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