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Dave-Woods.co.uk Redesign

It’s been long overdue but the redesign of my personal website was finally live this evening. I’ve been so busy with client work that my own work had to take a bit of a back seat but my portfolio was extremely out of date and as the site was using an existing WordPress theme it lacked that personal touch that I like to give all my work so over the Christmas period I made an extra effort to bring it up to date.
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HTML5 Tutorial – Getting Started

HTML5 is coming quicker than a lot of web designers are probably aware. You’ve probably seen the stories that it won’t actually be usable until 2022 but in reality, you can actually start using it today. Not all web browsers support CSS2.1, not all visitors are using software capable of using JavaScript but that doesn’t stop us from using it and it shouldn’t stop you using HTML5 either, and here’s why…

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Useful links of the week

I’ve finally had chance to catch up with my RSS feedreader recently and thought I’d share some of the more interesting ones with you. Below are a list of Web Design, Usability, Accessibility and Search Engine related articles from the past weekĀ  which I’m sure many of you will find useful or interesting.

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