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Rounded Corners in Internet Explorer Using JQuery

Recently I wrote an article on CSS3: Rounded CSS Corners, which is a great solution for creating rounded corners. However, Internet Explorer doesn’t yet support it, but there is a solution which this article explains.

The following two links demonstrate a working version and also a zip file so you can download everything you need to get this working.

The HTML is pretty straight forward and uses the code from another article – HTML5 tutorial: Getting Started.

In order to get the rounded corners working in IE you’ll need JQuery and the JQuery corner script both of which are included in the above zip file which I’ve then referenced from the HTML.

<script src="js/jquery-1.3.2.min.js"></script>
<script src="js/jquery.corner.js"></script>

Next you’ll simply need to tell the browser which corners you want to be rounded.

$("#main-navigation a").corner("top 5px");

If you’re familiar with CSS at all then you should be able to easily see how this is applied using JavaScript as we’re simply using the element, ID or class within the quotes to target that part of the HTML.


And that’s all there is to it. You can create all kinds of rounded corner effects as shown on the rounded corners demo site. Up until now, I’ve always created rounded corners using this method but seeing the simplicity of this Jquery solution, I am tempted to switch for Internet Explorer at least and rely on CSS3 for Webkit and Mozilla browsers.

What do you think? Are you still using images for rounded corner solutions or are the JavaScript and CSS3 methods becoming much more wide spread in the development community?

25 comments on “Rounded Corners in Internet Explorer Using JQuery

  1. Chris Coppenbarger

    Just a note that the corners script pulls the background color from the topmost parent div that has a background color.

    See the front page of http://www.ciu.edu in IE for an example of how this solution still doesn’t always work in IE. It’s the gallery at the top.

  2. Dave Post author

    Thanks for the info Chris… I agree it’s probably not the solution for every eventuality and that for opacity you may need further JavaScript or revert back to using graphics but for simple rounded corners it’s definitely worth considering.

  3. Szalonna

    I would add Opera support as:

    var opera = $.brower.opera && $.brower.version >=9;

    $.fn.uncorner = function() {
    if (moz || webkit || opera) return;
    this.css(moz ? ‘-moz-border-radius’ : ( webkit ? ‘-webkit-border-radius’ : ‘border-radius’, 0) , 0);
    $(‘div.jquery-corner’, this).remove();
    return this;

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  6. Dave Woods Post author

    Hi Cristian, I’ve never used Flexi Panels to be honest. They might be good for people without CSS knowledge but I imagine that they may generate more HTML code than is really required so I’d personally rather create any layout myself than rely on a plugin to generate HTML/CSS for me.

  7. rendra

    After googling up… this is the easiest way, i think

    Thanks dave for this tutorial…..

    and Szalonna for adding opera compability…

    this article very well explanation for beginner like me

    Sorry for my english…

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  9. Drew

    WOW this is really cool! it has solved so many issues. I was wondering though, does anyone else see a square boarder in IE?

    Anyways great job!

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  11. Fabio

    sorry about the previous message. For some strange reason, an element using classes was affecting the outcome somehow. Now I see it work when I don’t use teh dot before teh class definition for that element only, but I need the dot for all the remaining elements. And the border applied by CSS is killed. Also, there are some bg issues. It seems liek it works fine when using images for bg, but when using colors it doesn’t work at all

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